Friday, April 3, 2009

The “hand” that rocks the Prime Minister’s cradle, rules India…

Sometimes I feel like I’ve had too much of a news that I lose the context of it (in addition to losing my mind). The days for Lok Sabha elections are coming close and all the political parties, sub-parties, floated parties, submerged parties, etc are in the fray!! It is going to be only few years from now and the number of political parties contesting the election will soon out-number the total number of constituencies in India… And my only hope is the Congress party (UPA) should win the election so that for the next five years, Danny Boyle can direct as many Slumdog Billionaire, Beggarman Millionaire, Ragbitch Trillionaire movies (the more derogatory the words used to describe Indians, the better the chances, of the movie winning an Oscar). But watch out, if UPA government is going to win the 2009 Lok Sabha elections this time, Danny Boyle need not go all the way to Garib Nagar in Mumbai to capture poverty; he can choose any state, any city in India after five years (because the UPA government would have turned the entire of India into a slum by that time).

Jokes apart, I’m just amazed, time and again, when I think of the fact that how everything, that is foreign, is finding a likeness among Indian people. From electronics to economics, movies to freebies, everything gets foreign. But I’m yet to believe my eyes as to how Indians want even the Indian Government to be run by a foreign Madame (Edvige Antonia Albina Maino, aka Sonia Gandhi)!! It is well known that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi still have their Italian Citizenship valid and just imagine the plight of India where people with Italian citizenship are going to rule India. It is not surprising that both Sonia (real “Indian” name: Sonya) and Rahul Gandhi are maintaining silence over their allegiance to the Italian constitution. No wonder Ottavio Quattrocchi, the Italian businessman (known to Rajiv Gandhi through Sonia Gandhi and wanted in India for grave criminal charges in Bofors Scandal, that shook the Indian Army by its roots), was acquitted without trial. The UPA government is also thinking of outsourcing the Indian Army to Ottavio’s “Snamprogetti” firm (and the INSAS, AK-47’s and MG’s army guns to be replaced by “Wild West” type Italian spaghetti cowboy “guns”, trademark of Clint Eastwood…).

Mother India has witnessed this silently and a lot more!!! India’s situation now is like that from the frying pan to the fire; India got independence from British rule only to be enslaved under Italian rule! You might recall that the Fiji Labor Party candidate Mahendra Paul Chaudry was deposed and stripped off his legal and hard won Prime Ministership in Fiji during the coup, just because he is an Indian and not an ethnic Fijian. Just compare the situation with that in India currently, an Italian Madame calling the shots and the highly educated, able, prudent and highly experienced Manmohan Singhji bending his head for Madame Antonia to step on his head to sit in Indian throne (India’s Peacock Throne might go under the hammer in the near future and chances are that the UPA government would acquire it; for Madame Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi later…)!!! The “hand” that can make it all possible… Come this IT recession and everyone is talking about U.S. President Barrack Obama likely to pull the plug on outsourcing. But outsourcing is still at large in India: The oldest Indian Government (Congress) and Indian Prime Ministership are being outsourced to Italy!! Now who says outsourcing is on the fall?

Ok now if I’m going to talk more about Sonia Gandhi’s nationality, I’ll die in an auto rickshaw crash accident (remember Sanjay Gandhi, who opposed Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin, got killed when his flight crashed? And G.M.C. Balayogi, the Lok Sabha Speaker from Telugu Desam Party who proposed to check Sonia Gandhi’s false educational qualification reports, got killed when his helicopter crashed).

More than the fact that Indian Prime Ministership is being outsourced has traumatized me, the fact that Varun Gandhi has become pro-Taliban, is even more hurting. Notwithstanding the fact that Varun Gandhi’s hate speech is doing rounds 24x7 in all news channels, I happened to go through the script and lyrics of Varun’s hate speech:

“This is not the (Congress’s election symbol) ‘hand’, this is the hand of the ‘lotus’ (the BJP’s symbol). It will cut the throat of (derogatory reference to Muslims) after the elections… Varun Gandhi will cut… Cut that hand, cut it… cut it… Go to your villages and give the call that all Hindus must unite to save this area from becoming Pakistan…”

The moment I read it, at first thought, I pondered how he managed to steal the script, which the Taliban leaders in Pakistan would regularly read out to a group of uneducated, poor, mislead and brainwashed Muslim youths to charge them up for the next 26/11? The words “cut”, “jihad”, “partition” (the concept first propounded by Mohammad Ali Jinnah resulting in the formation of Pakistan), etc in Varun’s speech sounded very familiar to the passage being read out by the Taliban leaders. And why would he want Muslims to go to Pakistan? The actual credit goes to all those Muslim IT entrepreneurs and businessmen in India as nearly 40% of Indian youth are employed today because of them (I’m talking about the pre-recession period)! I’m expecting someone levies a “script-copyright” infringement case on Varun for using the Taliban leaders’ scripts without their written permission (ok, now that’s the only case yet to be forced on Varun). The UPA government would have, by now felt how it made a blunder by opposing the POTA act; it could have come handy in arresting Varun now… Um hum… too late, the UP government would have to do with the NSA for time being.

“Is it not true… that if (a woman) is asked her name and she says Bimla Devi, she is told we’ll see, we’ll think (about giving Government aid), give us Rs 5,000 first… But if her name is Saira Bano or whatever begum Hukum Begum… I don't even know… These people have such scary-sounding names… Karimullah, Mazharullah… If you ever encountered them at night, you’d be scared…”

Now, again, the above statement shows Varun’s inexperience. Take the 26/11 Mumbai attack for example. Did the terrorists, belonging to the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Jamaat-Ud-Dawa (the Pakistani charitable organization, rivaling the Red Cross), carry out a covert nigh-time operation? Look at the way they attacked: They first reached the Mumbai coast from Pakistan in a motor boat (like how James Bond arrives on the coast of North Korea by water surfing in “Die another day”), split up into two groups, attacked an Orthodox Jewish center, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Leopold CafĂ© and the Taj and Oberoi Trident hotels, all during broad daylight. And we all would have seen the photo of Ajmal Amir Kasab when he takes his AK-47 out from his back and walks like a typical gunslinger in western spaghetti movies. And we won’t possibly encounter them during night time- they are all very bold, determined and well aware of the ability of the Indian government (government run by the Congress under the “able” leadership of Mademoiselle Antonia Maino), so they would plan and carry out their attack as per schedule, sometimes even with prior notification. So as long as the UPA government is in place, the Taliban terrorists would neither have to practice too hard nor work on too intelligent a strategy to carry out future terror strikes. They only need to be wiser than the UPA government’s anti-terrorism policies – no POTA, no control/ban on illegal infiltration/immigration from Bangladesh and Pakistan and even if Bangladeshi citizen were caught infiltrating, they will be given complete freedom to settle down wherever they want in India (except in No.10, Janpath and in No.7, Race Course). That’s it, the above policies would make the Taliban terrorists’ day!! How liberal the Congress party’s foreign policies are… Infiltration, anytime from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Italy are permitted… (Oops… now I’m talking too much…).

“I have a sister… there was a pamphlet with pictures of all the candidates… so this child told me, ‘I didn't know that Osama bin Laden is contesting from your area’. I told her, ‘America couldn’t get Osama, but Varun Gandhi is going to get a lot of people after the elections’.”

Varun is still very much wet behind the ears! So Varun thought the child mistook a Samajwadi Party candidate’s photo to Osama Bin Laden? Oh come on now, today’s children are too intelligent to mistake a bearded guy to Osama… The child would have got it right; the bearded man (Samajwadi Party candidate) could indeed be Osama himself. Didn’t we hear everyday news that Osama is hiding somewhere in the Hindukush or Himalayan mountain ranges? He would have come down skiing to Uttar Pradesh and there is this Samajwadi Party trying to pull all celebrities into their fold to contest the elections. First it was Amitabh Bachchan, the most popular/influential person in Bollywood, then Sanjay Dutt joined the fray (maybe his “Bandhookgiri”, oops… sorry, Gandhigiri will pull crowd) and now its time for Osama Bin Laden to contest the election under a Samajwadi Party ticket (still can’t understand the logic? When Osama Bin Laden is contesting from a constituency in U.P, will the other political parties dare put up their candidates opposite to Osama? No way! Politicians still value their life more than a Lok Sabha seat and they wouldn’t want a Boeing or a Jet airliner come down crashing on their political offices). Nice trick this one, by Samajwadi Party, kudos…

“If someone slaps you, what do you do? (They say) turn the other cheek… I haven’t heard a stupider thing. If someone slaps you, you should cut off (expletive) his hand, so he can never slap anyone later. If some wrong elements lift a hand against Hindus, or think Hindus are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the Bhagavad Gita that I will cut off that hand”

Hmmm… repetition… Varun’s speech was doctored, alright. But the person who made the digital modification of Varun’s speech has added a “bonus” track (the above speech) to the CD… Rest assured, Platinum sale for sure…

Ok… so I blabbered too much and too little useful information in these 8 paragraphs, uh? Well my blog’s headline says it all…

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Got the guts?

This is an image I found somewhere in the internet. The first thought that would come to anybody’s mind on seeing the above reply given by some ex-employee of an MNC is, how come he’s got so much guts? This might sound irony to somebody, since the general perception is that, the moment an employee resigns from a company and is serving the notice period, he is free from all the company’s internal politics. But then, the real period of cold war between an employee and the company starts from thereon.

In spite of the general belief that the “boldest incident in history” and the “height of boldness” in the world’s history would be when Mr. Manmohan Singh, the current “puppet” Prime Minister of India, turns to Sonia Gandhi (the Godfather and the puppet master) and says – “I’m not going to hear your blah-blah’s this time, that sounds like a wolf howling with strong Italian accent. Instead, I, being a true Indian with nearly three decades of experience in Indian history and politics, know better what is good for India”. Anyone guessing if something like this will ever happen in Manmohan Singh’s life history? If at all this happens, then Manmohan Singh will become history. But this will happen, only that there will be a subsequent press release where Manmohanji would tell that his words were “highly misunderstood”; much more than A.R. Antulay’s recorded press statement! Got the drift?

But, even if it lands Manmohanji in some trouble for making a statement somewhat similar to the one above, he would do a quick somersault declaring, “I would instead listen to what Rahul Gandhi says, with his thundering and roaring voice with perfect British accent, oops, Indian accent. I know Rahul Gandhi may not be as much experienced in Indian politics but he certainly is the young face of the Congress party and all my knowledge, experience, polity and education are incomparable to Rahul Gandhi’s youth. I would support even if someone from Sonia Gandhi’s family, say a child, aged around 2 or 3 years, becomes the Prime Minister of India, since the need of the hour for India is a young Prime Minister with talent enough to visit few Dalit villages in Uttar Pradesh and sleep with them to show their solidarity" (not necessary that the toddler should at least know the name of the villages he/she visits). (One of Rahul Gandhi’s famous quotes – “When there is democracy in the poll booth, why does it not exist in political parties?” I still keep asking myself – “Should I laugh or cry at his statement?” I never know democracy existed in poll booths, if not for a demo of craziness). I wonder if meeting few Dalits members and sleeping with them is all that is required to solve the innumerable and unaccountable problems and atrocities they are facing every day. Looks like even I could become the Prime Minister of India! I am young enough and am ready to say “Yes Boss” to even Paris Hilton’s orders (never mind if she is an American or an Italian), if she starts a political party in India (Hey come on, if the highly experienced sexagenarian and septuagenarian politicians in the Congress party stand with folded hands before Mademoiselle Sonia Gandhi, I have no objections to have a bare-it-all model like Paris heading a political party, and me being one among the Princess’s, er… mmm… Royal Men! Now that’s what the politicians call “youth politics”, not to be confused with “dynasty politics”)! And that’s actually a perk, indeed! Alright, let me stop with this else, I’ll be made PM (Permanently Mute). Already I’m a dumbo, can’t push my life being mute.

What ever I say and how much ever I argue, this cannot be considered “the boldest incident in history”, when compared to the reply given by the employee (in the picture above). Now let’s say, even if “Mr. Tom <> (censored)” in the above picture is going to write something like that in the employee-relieving form, he cannot counter it by saying that his words have been misunderstood. His intelligence and frustration are “as clear as vodka” in those sentences. Another point to be remembered is that, in Indian politics, the more a politician is bad-mouthing a political party or another politician, the more respected/welcomed he is, by the rival parties. But if an employee working in an MNC tries to blow the whistle, he becomes the “corporate terrorist”, who “destroys” corporate values. Having spoken at length about bold decisions, there are a plethora of other incidents/happenings, that can be necessarily considered “bold”, like the current Pakistani Government’s decision to keep the America, India, Britain and the NATO at their wit’s end by giving a one-word reply to each of the strong evidences provided by India and America. When India and America first provided a strong proof of the involvement of the Pakistani terrorists and the Pakistan’s army and ISI in the 2008 Mumbai Bombings, (even providing the Pakistan government a hand-written letter from Ajmal Amir Kasab, the Pakistani terrorist himself), Pakistan gave the reply “nobody by name Ajmal, Amir or Kasab in Pakistan’s name database”. Then, unable to digest the blunt response, India again pressed Pakistan for some action against the terrorists breeding in their soil, Pakistan replied in its typical “tongue-in-cheek” manner – “We will try”. This made the Indian/American government and the politicians look like jokers, so the Indian government again pressurized Pakistan telling that some of the terrorist organizations like LeT, JeM and the JuD are the principle training grounds for the terrorists (based upon the information provided by the captured terrorist Ajmal). Wonder what Pakistan initially said? They said that the JuD (Jamaat-Ud-Dawa) is a “charitable organization”, helping the poor Muslims in and around that area! I wish they be invited for the Ramzan Awadhi Biryani function organized by some of my friends and colleagues, here in India during Ramzan festival, of which I have been a regular/special paticipant for nearly half-a-decade now. The JuD should understand what real charity and religious brotherhood means, in India. Now, the Indian government ministries are finally tongue-twisted and out of ideas to make Pakistan understand the urgency and sensitivity of the situation. God bless India, the damsel in distress!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Women’s rights? The solution is within!!

The phrase “Women’s rights” has of late been hitting the headlines of newspapers, overthrowing the “Cricket” and “Foreign agreement/deal” catchphrases. This has even become the “tea-time chat” topic in workplaces. Now, what is this Women’s rights and what is the motive behind bringing out such a law? Women’s freedom in today’s Technology world has come to mean that women should have “freedom” to wear any kind of dress, from tube-tops to g-strings, to low-hips to micro skirts, even rag piece of clothes…. “You name it, the girls will wear it” kind of freedom. But this in itself has evolved to the wardrobe malfunction, FTV-nudity series of freedom and has become the “Most searched internet words” of 21st century.

There have been a number of laws and acts passed regarding “Women’s rights”, “Women’s empowerment”, “Women’s safety protection” etc. But a number of doubts spring up here, as in protection for women from whom, what kind of protection, where do they need protection, and which kind of women really need protection. Beginning with the first doubt, women need protection, ok, but from whom? Do they need protection from rogues, who may try to molest her, or do they need protection from a co-worker, or do they need protection from other women? If women say that they need protection from rogues, then what job do the “Romeo-in-disguise” teenage guys have? A majority of teenage guys spend their time, apart from sleeping and grooming, in singing suggestive/implied ballads to girls when they, by mistake, see a guy’s face, and the guys follows them like a personal guard, till she gets into her home a shuts the door in the guy’s face (this one line in this paragraph is the story behind a number of block-buster movies that have come out recently and those currently in production). What other better protection can a girl look for? Such a security is provided only to the President/Prime minister of a country by the personal Black Cats. Girls gets such a personal security, but only for a small cost, yes, the girls have to just lift their head and smile once at a guy sarcastically, that’s it, that’s more than enough to have the guy run behind her like a personal guard following her everywhere (except rest rooms). And the guys are willing to do anything to show their heroism: they’ll come hanging on the foot-steps of a bus (like a soaked towel, hung on a hanger to dry), take the girls out for a ride in a posh car, buy them breakfast, lunch and dinner in a five-star hotel and drop her at her home. I doubt even the external affairs minister of a country gets such a king-like treatment in another country! So, what protection do the girls need here? It’s actually the guys who need protection and psychological counselling against spoiling their own future, but engaging in such mad goose-chase.

Next comes the demand for women’s safety in workplace. One question, everybody has here is, if women is having the freedom to come to a work place in micro skirt and with a T-shirts printed “Touch me here if you are a MAN” just in front of their breasts, then why shouldn’t men have the freedom to lewdly comment on a women’s thighs or press her, ahem, you know what? After all, how can men tolerate something that questions their potency? If only those men who can tolerate all such insults meted out to them (in the form of statements in women’s T-shirts), try not to see a women anywhere else apart from her eyes (even if women comes to the work place, topless) and try to control their emotions in spite of so much free obscenity available in front of their eyes, then only saints should be employed.

There is also another kind of protection that women need now-a-days: protection from other women. With same-sex marriage and lesbianism growing in today’s world at a rapid pace, there really is a need for protection for woman, who gets raped by another woman. First there was this man-raping-woman problem, and then now here is this woman-raping-woman problem, so what next? Yes, humans-raping-animals problem! Animals are the only living beings left out in this world as of now, whose virginity is not compulsively spoiled. So if cops are to arrest a human (man/woman) for raping an animal, who stands witness? And just think of the headlines in television and newspaper? Today’s headlines: “An Eighteen years old teenage girl’s pussy brutally raped” (now here, hold on, I actually meant, the pet “pussy cat” of an eighteen years old girl was raped by an unknown human). Ok, let me stop with this, I don’t want my blog to get listed in an adult website.

The next question is, where do women need protection? Do they need protection at those beaches where they take naked sun-bath? Do they need protection in pubs where they inject dope into their body and create an utter mayhem by stripping nude? (This is actually considered an add-on’s in the night clubs and pubs, now-a-days). Or do they need protection inside a car or inside a classroom where they have sex, record it in their own mobile phone and upload them onto file-hosting websites? While all the above videos have now become an integral part of almost every person’s mobile phones (like the inbuilt goodies being loaded onto a new mobile phone these days like ringtone, wallpaper), how come women are arguing that there is no safety for their life? Just think of the difficulty cops faces in protecting women at such places!!

Coming to our last topic, which category of women really needs freedom and protection? Yes, there is really a category of women who is in utter need of freedom and protection, the 40+ aged women group. They are the most ostracized people, helpless, lonely and dejected, since most of these women are living with their aged, ever-complaining husband (as good as living alone), thrown out of their home by their own children, and the worst part is, many of them are also working, who commutes to work in bus and train (the most challenging and dangerous activity in a women’s day-to-day life).

This topic actually should come to mean one thing: The remedy for atrocities and harassment against women is with the women themselves. While nobody has stopped or is going to stop a woman from getting promoted in a work place and in most of the cases, nobody had ever tried to molest a woman whose conduct has been good and clean, all these harassment against women have grown with generation and culture, perpetrated by women themselves. Is this what Darwin called evolution?

Friday, August 22, 2008

The perils of being a celebrity…

I happened to view this video in Youtube where the Actors and Actresses of Tamilnadu came together to express their objection regarding the Hogenakkal Drinking Water Project. It was a star studded show, the grandest, with the most vigorous media coverage (only next to the hype and coverage given for Director Shankar’s film production announcements where actor Rajnikanth would invariably be the 20 years old or the 25 years old hero). I was thinking what could give the hype-thirsty NEWS channels the next most awaited news after the Holi celebration footage (particularly that of Shri.Advaniji visiting the home of Shrimati.Soniaji (or Mademoiselle Sonia, however she may be called) to show their oneness in spirit on the eve of Holi festival), and at this crucial time, the Hogenakkal news was like a shot in the arm for the NEWS channels of India. There were “breakfast time” news on Hogenakkal meeting (where they said the meeting of the actors will commence shortly in Chepauk), then there was “mid-noon” news where they showed how the actors were arriving at the venue (like the live coverage of Prime Minister’s/President’s car shown, when they arrive on Independence/Republic day parades), and then they showed the 8-PM news where it was a recorded coverage of the speech made by the different celebrities. Then after that, for a week, the recorded coverage was re-telecast again and again like the world cup matches, till another hot NEWS hit the channels in the form of Rajnikanth’s apologizing video, for having made a “never say again” statement (more details follows below).

The coverage of the star-studded gathering created so much of a thrill that the footage topped the list of the “most showed” TV programs (like “most watched” programs) for nearly a month (even overseas). Many of the films that were scheduled to release immediately after the “Hogenakkal celebrities meeting” were even postponed for fear of running empty shows. There were even rumors that a discussion was going on between theatre owners and media channels to run the recorded coverage on theatres (50 shows a day, for 50 days… very less, what say?).

And always as the fact goes with Superstar Rajnikanth, whenever he delivers a speech, there is always a section of people who celebrate and another section who demonstrate (the so called “section” is usually an entire state or a country). The famous Hogenakkal speech of Rajni is no exception… In fact, this speech of Rajni became very famous only next to the Gettysburg speech delivered by Mr. Abraham Lincoln. The word “udhaikkanum” in Tamil language (meaning “should be beaten” in English), which he referred to either the Kannada people, or a fraction of Kannada people, or whether he was actually explaining as to what to do with an egg to make an omlette out of it (meaning, egg “should be beaten” before making an omlette), or whatever… it became the second largest talked-about word in the list of Rajnikanth’s “golden words”, with the famous one-liner dialogue “Pera Kettale Summa Adhirudhulla” (which translates in English as “Isn’t it reverberating by just hearing the name”) from the “Sivaji” movie at the first position in the “golden words” list. The entire Tamilnadu cheered as he mentioned those words. So this is the celebrating “section”. Obviously there has to be a reverberating “section”, and they came in the form of “Kannada” people in Karnataka. They can’t be assumed to sit silently when someone says they should be beaten. So the only way they can show their anger is by blocking the release of “Kuselan” movie in Karnataka. Rajni could have stopped with that, but he went ahead and apologized for having said that word ("udhaikkanum"). This created another “section” in Tamilnadu who also expressed their anger and opposition to Rajni’s apologizing statement. So “Kuselan” film faced problem both in Tamilnadu and Karnataka (the two states who have been money-minters for Rajni’s films so far).

Rajni would hopefully stop speaking any further atleast now, in fact he, now, should not even “sneeze” or “spit” loudly, which in turn would become the next headline in newspapers. That too, with frenzied fans giving milk bath to Rajnikanth’s cinema posters and cheering (while watching his films) the moment when Rajni’s shoes are first shown in the theatre screen (even before they know whether its Rajnikanth’s shoes or villian’s shoes or is it for a shoe advertisement), it is hard for Rajnikanth to remain silent and at the same time trying to giving a strong statement on a sensitive issue like “Hogenakkal”. It’s high time Superstar Rajnikanth realizes that making a statement in a film and making a statement in real life are not one and the same.

The “Outing” bandwagon

Come Sunny season and its time people start thinking of hibernating to cold places. It’s the time when earth’s direction of tilt is decided on where people are flocking. Normally, earth would topple upside down unable to bear the weight of people flocking to Switzerland (the new “outing” destination of the rich….). If you meet a close (rich) friend of yours after a long time (a day or two) and when you ask him where he had been, he would say “been to Switzerland”. Never knew visiting Switzerland is as easy as visiting a bar… Tourist-visits to Switzerland and New Zealand have become as common as visiting the bathroom.

The “term” outing is most frequently heard in MNC’s (Dictionary: MNC’s are the organizations who provide artificial shadow from the scorching sun for the huts under them through their skyscrapers). Software engineers, network administrators (like me) and the “mercenaries” of MNC’s namely the “BPO (call center) professionals” (I call them “mercenaries” of MNC’s, since they are exposed to the most tortuous job and most of the employees stay with a call-center for no longer than 6 months) have a tentative, regular, ITIL-implemented schedule plan for visiting resorts and tourist spots. The destination of employees depends on where they stay. For example, professionals in Southern India have only one abode, “Pondicherry” (the “Brewery factory of South India”), whereas people with heavy budget would visit Munnar, Coorg and sometimes Kerala. Talking on “outing”, there is this so called option named “Company Sponsored Outing”, where the company will bear quarter or half of the total cost of your outing (provided you don’t visit your HR executive the next month with your pay-slip asking for an explanation on where quarter of your salary went). Oops… just a joke. Most of the time, you put forward a proposal to the HR team with the total cost of the outing, hoping that a quarter of the amount would be borne by the company, the HR team would immediately turn too benevolent, always rejecting your proposal with the reason that the company won’t bear such paltry and substantial amount. So what if you wanted a visit to the moon… wow, nice idea, I should ask the HR the next time we plan for an outing.

The only way you can be sure your outing proposal is accepted is when you plan to go to the place where there is a branch office of your main company (where none of the employees are willing to go normally). This way you get an outing-like experience and the company won’t have to bother paying you for your non-productive.

Talking of outing, I had my own experience of “Outings” in one of the companies I worked so far. There were managers who would talk of outings… and then there was this manager (who was still my manager when I got relieved), who really made it happen… His arrival was like the arrival of “Van Helsing” in the town of Romania. We employees were the innocent town people, so you know what characters (in the film “Van Helsing”) would suit my previous manager and senior manager.

Moreover, once having landed in a resort or beach, the most important thing, than enjoying the beauty of the locality, is to take snapshots, to be uploaded in Orkut / Facebook. After all, those snapshots are a person’s last moments of happiness when they think about the routine office work the next day…

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Do you have it in you?!!

Hello, anybody home? Yes, I was askin’ myself when I revisited my blog today. I was wondering which blog could provide me with some good pics of sceneries down south in India, I happened to stumble upon my own blog!! (Yes I agree, the Internet is round in shape just like the earth is, I started from my blog and ended up in my own blog). Quite a long time, I should say…. By the way, were you expecting something else (kind of Patriotic) when you read the heading; sorry, wrong number...

I happened to ram into this website when there were two thought-flies hovering around above my head. One was to improve my vocabulary further and the other was to… mmm…. while away sometime… It was then that I came across this website:, where you can improve your vocabulary and can also be proud of having done something for mankind without having to spend a single penny (so you can spend all of your pocket money on your girl friend, doing the “Holiday/vacation tour Representative” job, yeah, taking her for a ride in your bike/car around your city and paying for restaurant/movie/sight-seeing all yourself). Oops, ok, no offence…

Just pay a visit to the above website and you’ll be happy you’ve improved your vocabulary. Since am not sure when I’ll visit my blog again, please keep improving your vocabulary till then……. See you soon (actually see myself soon in this blog)…

Monday, November 12, 2007

Aayiram Kaal Mandapam (Thousand Pillar Hall)

I once had a visit to Madurai.... Speaking of Madurai would bring lots of favorites before your eyes like Madurai Malli (Jasmine), Madurai Idli (a food), etc. But Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple was something no one could ever afford to miss. Even tourists from China, Nepal, Bhutan and Philippines visits this temple along with the Lakhs of pilgrims visiting the temple daily. Talk about Madurai to any Tamilian and you can surely hear him/her tell about Meenakshi Amman Temple (a.k.a. Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple). The temple has a very divine and historic background. More about the history of the temple here. Some of pics I could take of the temple are here...

Once of the special attraction in the Meenakshi Amman Temple is the Aayiram Kaal Mandapam (The Thousand Pillar Hall). It is now maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). A Museum is hosted in the Hall and contains sculptures, photographs, art works, preserved articles, drawings, etc. There are the famous Musical Pillars, each producing different sound when stuck. Gently strike each of the pillars with a coin, and it would be amazing to note each pillar producing perfectly distinct sound. Some of the photographs I managed to take in the Museum are here..


Paintings and Statues:

The special attraction (Giant door):

This giant door once used as the door for one of the entrance of a Gopuram was kept resting on the wall in a slant position. Height: 9.38 Meters, Breadth: 2.14 Meters.

Golden Lotus Pond:

Coming out of the 1000 Pillars Hall, at the heart of the Meenakshi Amman Temple is the Golden Lotus Pond. Why is it named so, is clear from the name. Yes, peeping into the deep pond reveals a golden, large lotus glittering brilliantly in sunlight, creating an Aura around itself. The more you zoom your camera to take a snap of it, the more unclear the picture would be, because of the shiny aura. Some of the pics I could take are here:

The golden lotus, a closer view:

The Madurai tour in short was amazing and awesome. And visiting Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple provides the complete satisfaction of visiting Madurai.